Intra- and InterMolecular Processes

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 Institute of Organic Chemistry


  • JASCO V570 UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer (200-2500nm range) with large integrating sphere ILN-472 (250-2000nm, diffuse reflectance and diffuse transmittance modes)


  • JASCO FP6600 fluorometer (220-750nm excitation range / 220-1010nm emission range) with solid state attachment


  • Arcoptix FT-NIR Rocket portable NIR spectrometer (900-2600nm range) with variety of probes for reflection and transmission measurements


  • Avantes AVA-RAMAN-785TEC portable Raman spectrometer (Laser 785 nm, Raman shift 100-3600 cm-1) with options for reflection and transmission measurements


  • Avantes AVASPEC-ULS2048LTEC portable UV-Vis spectrometer (200-1100nm range) with variety of fibers and probes for reflection and transmission measurements


  • UV-Vis Perkin-Elmer Lambda 16 spectrophotometer (200-900nm range) with integrated Metrohm 725 Dosimat and thermostat for spectrophotometric titration
  • 2 Oxford Instruments DN ITC-502 cryostats with digital temperature controllers allowing recording of spectra (absorption/emission) down to 100K (1K step)


  • quartz cell range from 10cm to specially designed ultrathin 0.01mm, which allows to cover concentration range from 10-6 to 10-2M
  • Buchi Flash Chromatographic system with UV/Vis detector and large number of columns and accessories
  • UV-irradiation setup with full set of filters (from 220 to 800nm)
  • spin coater and various small size instrumentation (pH/conductivity meters, water/cryogenic thermostats, synthesis/purification facilities, etc.)

Collaborative access to:

  • MS (high resolution, EI, ESI, CI, APCI), GC/MS, GC/FID, HPLC/DAD instruments
  • MADARA high performace computational facility

Institutional access to:



How a controlled shift in the position of the tautomeric equilibrium can be achieved. The story.....

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