Eureka Foundation Prize for Young Researcher of 2021 awarded to Dr Silvia Hristova

We are very proud to announce that Dr Silvia Hristova, who defended her PhD thesis in our group in 2020, was awarded by The Eureka Foundation as young scientist with substantial contribution in the science. The thesis of Silvia considers the possibility of using controlled proton transfer as an elementary process in the molecular machinery. The results included in the thesis were published in 4 papers in high ranked international journals (Dyes and Pigments, Journal of Molecular Liquids, Chemistry) and are cited in the scientific literature. However, this is not only research Silvia has done in our group. She was working active in 8 collaborative projects in supramolecular chemistry, drug design and tautomeric proton transfer. Totally, she is a co-author of 11 scientific publications with 112 citations.

Link to detailed information from Eureka Foundation (in Bulgarian):

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