The progress in the non-destructive analysis and biophotonics was presented at The Sofia Science Festival

The twelfth edition of the Sofia Science Festival was held on October 8 and 9, 2022 in Sofia Tech Park.
The Festival brings affordable and fun events that reveal how the wonders of science and the latest research from around the world enrich our lives, explain the familiar phenomena of our everyday lives, and bring hope for the future of humanity.
The Sofia Science Festival is a celebration of science and technology, with presentations by leading Bulgarian and world scientists, discussions, demonstrations, interactive workshops for students and adults, an interdisciplinary presentation of the interaction between science and art.
This year Professor Liudmil Antonov and Dr Tsanislava Genova delivered a lecture “Big Abilities of Small Instruments” showing the progress in green analytical chemistry, non-destructive analysis of food, drinks, essential oils and biophotonics. Commercial and home-made instrumentation was demonstrated to the wide public by measurements of apples, estimation of quality of essential oils and skin diagnostics.

Link to the lecture announcement (in Bulgarian): here.


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