Ministry of Education and Science Presents The Pythagoras Awards for 2021

Five scientists, a research team and a company are the winners of this year’s Pythagoras Awards of the Ministry of Education and Science for their contribution to the development of science in Bulgaria. They received their awards at an official ceremony, which was broadcast on Bulgarian National Television. In the thirteenth edition of the competition, 13 representatives of Bulgarian science were nominated in six categories.
“The Pythagoras Awards of the Ministry of Education and Science have become a tradition. They have become a symbol of the connection between education, science and culture. With these awards we want to show our remarkable scientists our gratitude and thank them for glorifying Bulgarian science to the world.” With these words, the Minister of Education and Science Prof. Nikolay Denkov addressed the winners and nominees. He presented the grand prize for overall contribution to the development of science to Prof. Liudmil Antonov.
Liudmil Antonov is a professor of chemistry at the Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and a leading researcher at the Vihren National Science Program. His research interests are in the field of molecular spectroscopy, used for rapid control of food, beverages, essential oils, dried plant material and drugs. He has developed a unique methodology for the analysis of complex equilibrium systems with application in the design of new functional materials in high technology and in the creation of new biologically active molecules.
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