Pythagoras Prizes for contributions to science for scientists of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Three scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences have been awarded the Pythagoras Prizes 2021 for significant contributions to science. The official ceremony took place on 24 May and was broadcast on Bulgarian National Television.

The Pythagoras Grand Prize for Young Scientist was awarded to Dr. Venelin Todorov, who is a senior assistant professor at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at BAS. He is working actively in the fields of quantum mechanics, artificial intelligence, financial mathematics, ecology and others. His achievements are related to the application of mathematics in other sciences, mathematical information modelling and modelling of complex systems.

Because of the strong competition, this prize was given to two young scientists, Dr. Venelin Todorov and Maria Ivanovska.

Svetla Danova, Professor and Head of the Laboratory “Microbial Genetics of Lactic Acid Bacteria and Probiotics” at the Institute of Microbiology at BAS, member of the international network of the Pasteur Institute, Paris, was awarded the Pythagoras Prize for Scientific Breakthrough. Professor Danova’s discoveries give us the opportunity not only to preserve our centuries-old traditions, which have guaranteed the health and longevity of generations of Bulgarians, but also to create a whole new palette of therapeutic prophylactic and healthy ingredients in preparations and dietary supplements.

The Pythagoras Grand Prize for overall contribution to the development of science was awarded to Prof. Dr. Liudmil Antonov from the Institute of Electronics at BAS. He works in the field of molecular spectroscopy used for rapid monitoring of foods, beverages and essential oils, dry drugs and pharmaceuticals. These analysis and control systems have been used for the express non-destructive analysis of dried Bulgarian herbs, Bulgarian wines and aromatic products from the Bulgarian oil rose. Prof. Antonov has developed a unique methodology for the analysis of complex equilibrium systems with application in the design of new functional materials in high technology with the creation of new biologically active molecules.

The Pythagoras prizes of the Minister of Education and Science for contribution to science are awarded to Bulgarian scientists and scientific teams.

The prizes are one of the main activities in the National Strategy for the Development of Scientific Research 2017-2030 to stimulate scientists to significant scientific achievements and the implementation of the results of basic and applied research. Since 2003, the Ministry of Education and Science has been awarding prizes to scientists, scientific teams and organizations for achievements in science and technology, as determined by an authoritative jury composed of previous prize winners.

The official ceremony:


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